Holistic Medicine as a Part of Your Health Care Team

If you are already receiving treatment from your primary care physician, or other specialists, where does holistic medicine fit in? Many seniors have a complex health history – how can you prevent any conflicts or problems, and get the maximum benefit from both types of providers?

Having personally suffered from illnesses ranging from chronic anxiety to arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, depression, sciatica, Peter Bedard now uses his MA in Consciousness Studies and extensive training in Hypnotherapy to help thousands of people heal. He advises holistic medicine as a part of your overall medical treatment.

I’m a big fan of combining allopathic (Western) medicine and holistic medicine. I often use the tools of allopathic medicine like blood tests and x-rays to diagnose a problem and then I bring those results to my holistic healers. The healing solutions from holistic practitioners often have no side effects so I actually worry less.

If I’m using an herbal supplement then I always make sure that there is no problematic interaction between that herb and the pharmaceutical drug that may be in my system.Before beginning any treatment always look at the side effects and problems that may result from the treatment. I find this actually more important in the allopathic world as many doctors don’t know how a particular drug they are prescribing can cause severe addiction, kidney, liver, or emotional problems.


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