Peter’s book, “Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love,” is a wonderful compliment to Peter’s in-person workshops and private sessions. It outlines the steps of his self-proven, unique healing program and the subsequent Creative Process for reclaiming your health and your Life.
Do you know how some people never seem to get better? They live in fear of being in pain for the rest of their life and never seem to heal no matter what they try. Maybe you are one of those people? Convergence Healing helps people like you rise out of suffering and heal.

“This healing process that I have come to call Convergence Healing has been in the works for 20 years now. Like you, my life path led me through many struggles that took me years to recognize as opportunities for positive growth and healing.”

If you never thought you could pick yourself up and pull yourself out of pain, then this book is for you!

I have healed and I KNOW you can too! Convergence Healing, a true evolution of thought and experience, is influenced by healers, mystics, friends, family, clients, and even financial gurus. The goal is to step into a conscious and fully awake experience of living and claim your wellness. Convergence Healing is focused on taking massive action on every level of your existence to create the healing you want for yourself. Through the seven steps of the Convergence Healing process, you invite every part of your being to align with your highest potential. If one part of you believes you’re sick, then the whole of you is affected.

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