Most of us are afraid to face our own mortality. We pretend we’ll never die, in part because we don’t really know what’s on the other side. Today’s guests have faced death in different ways, and share their experiences to empower us to live a better life. Heather Lende, an Alaskan obituary writer, and author of Find the Good, says, “We are all writing our own obituary every day by how we live. The best news is that there’s still time for additions and revisions before it goes to press.” Peter Bedard was a dancer until he was slammed into the back of a semi-truck and almost died. He’s had similar experiences that left him close to death, and has made it his mission to help others heal. He is an alternative health expert and author of Convergence Healing: A 7 Step Process to Lovingly Heal Your Pain. These guests will awaken you from simply existing to really living.