About Me

Peter Bedard is a hypnotherapist, Entrepreneur, and Holistic Health Coach who lives in Los Angeles, CA. If you have chronic pain or are facing a dis-ease, addiction, or anxiety then Peter is the right guy for you! He will help you create a strategy for healing and creating wellness from within! He has come close to dying several times and has healed himself of fibromyalgia, chronic sinus infections, asthma, an allergy to chlorine, allergies, arthritis, sciatica, anxiety, depression, and almost 20 years of chronic pain. He has even had to learn how to walk again. In dealing with his health conditions the only options that he was aware of were Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. He first discovered alternative health practices when his back was so out of whack that he couldn’t walk. The Western medical doctors were recommending surgery but he knew from watching his father, whose vertebrae had been fused together, that he didn’t want that. He discovered acupuncture through a referral and he literally dragged himself into his first acupuncture appointment. He crawled into that office a skeptic but amazingly walked out a believer.

Peter became a hypnotherapist and wellness coach after healing himself and discovering that his thoughts and opinions about himself and about his dis-ease directly affected his health. He now uses hypnosis as a way to dismantle stress and anxiety and create a vision for wholeness and perfect health while integrating a Mind, Body, Spirit whole person approach to healing.

Peter has a MA in Consciousness Studies and a certificate in Hypnotherapy and has been in private practice since 2004. You can find Peter’s book, Convergence Healing, A 7 Step Process To Lovingly Heal Your Pain, online. Click HERE to get your copy!

We hope that you, in your experimenting with alternative health practices, will find a practice that heals and inspires you. Healing is a two way street and just by taking your health and situation in hand you are already beginning the process of creating the health you want.